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Introducing QuSignal antenna family

In the modern world an internet connection becomes a basic human right. It allows us to spend time with our friends and family, it gives us jobs and it’s a source of entertainment when we come back home. Right now even your fridge needs a wifi connection! However, none of this would be available if not for the antennas that keep you connected anywhere you go. When each of us has at least several devices constantly connected, it becomes extremely important to plan efficient Wi-Fi network. And to allow that we have created QuSignal brand, providing high quality Wi-Fi antennas working with most of global-brands’ access points.


QuSector antennas come in Medium, Large and Extra Large enclosures. At QuSignal we understand looks matters, and that’s why we made sure all antennas are exceptionally aesthetic, and therefore can be used in any public place. What’s more, all our products are waterproof (IP67), so they are not afraid of working in any weather conditions.


A wide range of QuSector antennas working with 8 to 17dBi gain and 30 to 120 degrees beamwidth allow to configure the network ideally suited to your needs. QuOmni antennas provide 7dBi signal in each direction. Thanks to the use of 90 cm cables terminated with RPSMA, RPTNC or Nm connectors, our antennas can work with APs of brands such as Cisco, Meraki, Aruba, Huawei, Fortinet and many others.


The universal QuMount mounting bracket allows you to install the antenna on any flat surface or a mast, as well as change its position in two planes.